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I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at American University of Sharjah - School of Business Administration.

I obtained my PhD in Finance from the Swiss Finance Institute and USI Lugano.

My research interests are empirical asset pricing, institutional investors, and corporate bonds.

Curriculum Vitae

Working Paper: Do Mutual Funds and ETFs Affect the Commonality in Liquidity of Corporate Bonds?
I document a positive and significant relationship between ETF ownership and liquidity commonality of investment-grade corporate bonds. In contrast, and unlike for equities, mutual fund ownership does not affect co-movement in liquidity of underlying bonds. Three channels explain the differential impact of ETFs and mutual funds: flow-driven trading, different investor clienteles, and ETF arbitrage mechanism.
Columns on the paper: Credit Liquidity Risk Is Rising Thanks to the Boom in Bond ETFs (Bloomberg)
Rapid Growth of Bond ETFs Could Fuel Credit Liquidity Risks (ETF Trends)
Bond ETF explosion fuels liquidity risks (ETF Stream)

Publication: What Constrains Liquidity Provision? Evidence From Institutional Trades (RoF Digest)
(with Francesco Franzoni and Alberto Plazzi), Review of Finance, 2021, Vol 25:2, 485–517

Alberto Plazzi (Advisor)
Professor of Finance, USI Lugano
Faculty Member, Swiss Finance Institute
+41 (58) 666 4677

Alberto G. Rossi

Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor of Finance, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University
+1 (240) 712 0327

Francesco Franzoni
Professor of Finance, USI Lugano
Senior Chair, Swiss Finance Institute
Research Fellow,
+41 (58) 666 4117

Turan G. Bali
Robert S. Parker Chair Professor of Business Administration, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University,
+1 (202) 687 5388